Schedule An Appointment For A Visit To The EPMO

We prefer scheduling from this page but many times we have last minute openings and availability.  You can check at 970-586-5668 to see if we can fit you in on short notice.

This form is to schedule use of the EPMO facility and telescope.

Please check our calendar before making your appointment.

Please provide the following contact information:

Home Town
Number of people.
1st Date/Time
2nd Date/Time
* Phone
*Cell or Estes Phone

Please give us least one week notice to get the volunteers lined up for your visit. If you want to visit us in daytime, please allow about two weeks to schedule your visit. We will try to schedule you on your first choice date, but when we get two requests for the same date, we will apply these dates on a first come first served basis.

Any other information you would like to know or tell us.

* (Required Information)

Groups larger than 20 people, require special consideration.

In case of inclement weather, we do have a nice warmroom presentation
and can work with your group on the Constellation Wall.
Also, we can demonstrate the computer assisted operation of the telescope and its mount.

For obvious reasons, we can not open the dome, when it rains or snows.



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